Laziness, weather and football on the telly have combined to make this summer something of a disaster down at Camellotment, but in the back garden things are progressing nicely.

During Febuary and March we were stealing every piece of wood that wasn’t nailed down with the intention of building a polytunnel-cum-greenhouse down on the plot. We became expert skip scavengers and could, at 100 paces, determine whether or not the stuff folk were throwing away was going to be of use. Unfortunately, of course, we didn’t get around to building anything and are now lumbered with around 80 tomato, cucumber and pepper plants and nowhere to house them.

We are in the process of finding them good homes before Rambo and Sarah Connor, our pet rabbits, can eat them down to their stalks. If you’re local to South Birmingham and want one (a plant, not a rabbit) then get in touch.

Next year there will be a greenhouse at Camellotment…oh yes.

Idiot Wind

Here’s the latest video installment. This was taken last week during a windswept visit to Camellotment.

There is some informative commentary from Robson on this video but it gets lost somewhat as all the microphone picked up was the wind. In a nutshell, we’ve reclaimed around 1/8 of the plot from the weeds and we have carrots, roses, spuds and onions on the go.

Here y’go.

Now with video..

We recently purchased one of these bad boys:

..which is a small, idiot proof video camera with built in software that posts your movies direct to the interweb. Providing we remember to take it with us when we go to the allotment we’ll be posting short videos here with our updates that will contain exciting footage of us standing around, smoking fags and doing the occasional bit of graft.

As you can see from Episode 1, we’ve allowed nature to undo all our winter good work by neglecting to acutally go to the allotment during the entire month of April. And May.

And March.

The weeds have therefore gone bananas and could probably hide Lord Lucan riding Shergar. We plan to get our arses in gear and sort it out, but to be honest all we really do is talk a good game so let’s see.   

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to our neighbours at Moor Green. All around us plots are thriving and well-tended whilst ours looks like Lotto Lout Michael Carroll himself has taken residence.

Mentally we have pulled our fingers out. Only time will tell if all this talk turns into action, innit.


There’s been a glut of activity down at Camellotment as we get ready for the 2008 season.

More news and photos shortly


Is Gardening the new Rock n Roll?

Frankly, we couldn’t give two hoots….

However starting today we are launching the Camellotment Mixtape Challenge and first up is Camellotment Mixtape #1……A Mighty Love Mix


Track listing:

Free – Mouthful of Grass / Jimmie Spheeris – Seeds of Spring / Seals & Crofts – Sweet Green Fields / The James Gang – Tend My Garden / Hugh Masekela – Grazin’ in the Grass / Kool & the Gang– Fruitman / Grant Green– Down Here on the Ground (Ummah remix feat. Dianne Reeves) / S.O.B. – The Soil I Tilled for You / La Clave – Sally Go Round the Roses / Michel Gonet – Flower Dance / The Originals – Sunrise / Minnie Riperton– Les Fleurs. 


Mixtape # 2 will be posted shortly.

Incidentally….there has been some gardening action down at Camellotment recently. For instance, we installed a huge compost bin that we shall feed with scraps and organic rubbish over the winter. Additionally, and now that winter is finally here, we began to clear some more ground. The plan – such as it is – is for the plot to be completely dug over by the mid-Febuary 2008.

There will be further updates of activity as and when it happens, folks.





Great. If you want to submit a mixtape for Camellotment then the only rule is that the songs in the mix must have some connection to gardening and the joy of being outdoors. Other than that anything goes.


Create a mix in MP3 format and bung it up to somewhere on the interweb where we can get at it. We can recommend DivShare for this as it’s free and easy. Please do not send your mixes to our email inbox. We’ll grab your mix from the web and host it on our server, taking care of all the bandwidth needs in the process.


Not a fat lot, to be honest….but just imagine the joy you will bring to all the gardeners of the world. Come rain or shine there they are, out in their plots working the earth, sipping from hip flasks and leaning on their forks every now and again whilst they have a wee chat. Your lovingly crafted mix could be their soundtrack, and that’s a nice thing.

That said, if you live locally we could chuck a few spuds your way. Maybe the odd leek or beetroot, too.


If you have any further questions then email camellotment@gmail.com


Here are the first batch of Camellotment Spuds. 

We still have two more rows to dig up and we’re now having chips with everything and will be for some time…

Eagle-eyed readers will also spot 2 (Two) beetroot plants. They were only tiddlers, so we left the rest in the ground

The Leeks are currently Top of the Pops down at Camellotment. Check out those bad boys….and they won’t be harvested for several months yet.

They could end up being the Biggest Leeks Ever Grown..watch this space.

In other news, the Lads from The Council finally did the nasty on the dreaded japanese knotweed. As the picture below show, the WALL OF KNOTWEED is now looking worse for wear.

Nice one, The Lads from The Council. Have a day off on us!

You can now see The Bench again (…just about. If you quint)

The rain has been good for crops and weeds alike

Cabbage and Purple Sprouting Brocolli. The Net (Cost: £3.80) is supposed to stop birds eating the crops.

The Spuds are flowering…

More Spuds….

Aspects of Deidre…

Giant Onions – not so giant as yet.

£3.80 well spent..

£3.80 well spe……oh feck.

Birds don’t eat Knotweed.